DFW Family Photography – Liam Age 3

I had a wonderful session with Liam.  I know this kid pretty well, and his favorite words are, “No!  I don’t like it!”  Therefore, I was prepared for a little bit of coaxing to be part of his session, but to my surprise, he ate it up.  He’s my little champ!  Here are a few photos from his session.

This is my personal little favorite, because it’s such a “Liam” expression.  His pup, Fiona, was a part of the session as well.



Here’s Liam, looking contemplative, although he’s probably just looking at the other kid that was at the park.



We’re hanging out on the fire truck.  I don’t think it’s going anywhere to fight fires, though.



Handsome little fellow!



Peace, everybody.  Liam’s out.


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