Long road to today…

So very much has happened since I was attempting to run a blog before.  The biggest thing being the fact that I had a baby.  While I was pregnant, I had some health issues (nothing too major), and my employers decided to liberate me so that I could go full time with my photography business.  Today, I am redoing the website.  Please bear with me for another day or two, while I update my galleries.  After that, I’ll be on top of the blog and keeping my portfolio updated.  I’ve also had lots of time to think of where I am taking the business, and you should see some shifts in my work that I am really excited about.  For now, I am working out of my home, but in the future I plan on making traditional studio portraits part of what services I offer.  I am really excited about that.  I have some things planned out to write about, but if there’s anything you might be interested to know, leave a comment, even if you have a question about how to photograph your own child better. I am really looking forward to the year.

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