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Why should anyone spend money on a family photo session, when I can take the photos myself?

One word, Mom: You.

I know. I try to take photos of myself, too.  Sure enough, when I see them, they don’t look right.  I can’t see myself to take the photo.  Even if I hooked it up to a lap top to use the screen, inevitably I am going to snap the photo when I have my eyes closed, or I have given myself extra chins, or the toddler pokes me in the eye. You know what else I see?  Me trying to concentrate on taking a good photo, instead of enjoying the session with my child and husband.  Believe me, that joy shows up in photographs.  You want that joy, because that is the whole point of freezing time for your family in the first place. If you are planning to buy a campers you may be interesting california campervans.

You can take photos without being in them, but that isn’t really fair to your children, or your husband.  Take it from mine, who said, “Don’t shortchange me!  I want the photos of you, not just the baby. Don’t let him steal all your thunder!”  (He is pretty cute.  He steals a lot of thunder, if I do say so myself.) Although the thoughts cross my mind that something could happen to me, and my child would deserve photos of his mother, don’t I deserve photos of all of us being happy?  Don’t you?  There is A LOT of work that goes into keeping a family running smoothly, and you deserve to be seen in the photos of that family that you work so very hard to keep happy.  Those happy faces that your family has does come from somewhere.  I’m guessing you are apart of it.

Then there is the issue of just being able to look good.  You deserve to have a very sharp pair of eyes that notice when someone might need their nose wiped, BEFORE the shutter closes.  Or at the very least, can remove them in post.  I do clean up a lot of messy noses in post, it is true.  You also need for someone to tell you that the pose you are in isn’t quite there, yet, so that you feel amazing when you look at your photos. Sometimes I get anxious before a photo shoot, that’s why I advice you to pop over here to read more about it.

I won’t even go into how money is tight for families, today.  It sure is.  However, people spend money on what they value, and I know parents value their families above all other things.  You can find photographers that meet your budget, but you need to feel like you are getting the best, or the money isn’t worth it for bad photography.  It really is wasted if all you have are negative feelings about yourself when you look at that portrait on your wall.  If you are hiding them on your computer, because you think you look tired, or fat, or just not your best, then you definitely will not feel positively about the room in the budget you made for your photos.  That’s why you need someone who understands photography and fine art fundamentals, and takes pride in their work.

Moms are important.  Family is THE most important thing keeping our society moving forward.  You keep that family moving forward, and you need to be IN the photos.


If you are a mom in the Irving, Texas or DFW area who agrees that it is time for some great family portraiture, and a really fun, relaxing session, contact me!

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