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Hey, everyone!  I am just updating where the business is, and why this site hasn’t seen much new activity.  I have been on maternity leave.  In July of 2016, I will go full tilt with the business.  There will be lots of new changes.  For starters, I will be dropping the session fee, and updating my prices for wall portraits and packages.  I will also be separating the site into 4 different categories: Portraits, Weddings, Commercial and Photographic Art, and the Blog.  What that will look like is whenever you type in keeciabuster.com, you will get to choose which site you want to enter.  I think it will keep the experience more tailored to what you are looking for.  Each site will have its own look, such as logo, color scheme, and different website designs.  I will also be decorating a studio, for those of you who want in-studio photographs.  Otherwise, I live next to some really wonderful parks and other types of outdoor locations.  The new studio will be in my home, but with a separate entrance. Posed newborn photos must be done in my studio, but lifestyle photos can be shot anywhere you like that is safe for your baby.

Since I am dropping the session fee, what will replace it is a cancellation fee.  That way, you are under no obligation to purchase any photos unless you absolutely love them, but if you decide to yank my chain with scheduling an appointment, my kiddo still gets clothes and food, and whatever awesome learning toy I think he should have.  Oh, and the dogs need kibble.  Let’s not forget those girls.  There will also be a small travel fee, for those that want photos on location, away from my studio.

My wedding packages will also change.  I will be charging a flat fee per hour of coverage.  This will include a disc, and I will be working on creating some wonderful products for you.

If you would like to schedule a session ahead of time, drop me a couple of lines in the comment section, and I will get back to you.  In the meantime, I will begin working on the site changes after April 15th, up to July 1st.

FAQs will be added to each site, according to genre, but in the meantime I need to get my son off of whatever he is climbing on, right now.

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